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How would You like to spend your days?


Does cleaning your home make you feel frustrated?  Is it taking time away from the things you would rather be doing or the people you would rather spend time with? Imagine what you could do if Shannon Cleaning was taking care of your home cleaning needs..."Shannon Cleaning provides the best home and small office cleaning with a personal touch. Contact me today at (629)254-6917."


Shannon Cleaning has been proudly serving clients since 2007. Moving recently from Alabama, I am now serving the surrounding areas of Ft Campbell Ky and Clarksville Tennessee.  My passion is to ensure that all house cleaning needs are met in order to give you a higher quality home cleaning. Staying in touch and becoming familiar with my clients and their homes, allows me to provide you with a personal touch service.  It truly is my pleasure to assist you with all your home cleaning needs and in knowing that I did a job well done. I love what I do and do what I love and it shows in a happy heart.

Contact Me


Shannon Cleaning

Phone: 629-254-6917


Office Hours: By appointment only

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